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About Justin Berish

Engineer From Birth

Justin Berish is a highly skilled and motivated audio engineer with extensive professional experience in recording, editing, and mixing. He is also a professional live sound engineer, having worked on various shows from corporate audio to big band jazz. Berish has designed and built several pieces of professional audio equipment, including guitars, microphones, equalizers, and analog delay units. He even helped re-cap and commission the 64 channel SSL 4000 E in the photo for use in a large commercial studio. Berish has a bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering and Sound Production from IU Jacobs School of Music, where he served as a teaching assistant for two semesters, instructing a combined total of around 200 students in the basics of audio engineering and two separate analog electronics courses. He is known for his reliable dedication to his work and approaches every challenge with professionalism, giving his full effort to ensure completion to the highest standard.


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